Pizza Toppings From Around The World

The pizza may very well be the most favourite fast food anywhere in the world. However, not all pizzas are the same. All pizza loving countries have their own special signature pizza entirely created locally to cater to the local taste.

The barbecued pizza is in demand in Australia and in India and Pakistan, it is the tandoori pizza that sells like hot cakes.

When it comes to pizza toppings, many different ingredients have been tried out some quite successfully and some with not so much success. Bacon and eggs as a topping is common in Australia.

The French created ‘flambée’, which is bacon with onion and fresh cream while the Japanese combine bacon with potato and mayonnaise and call it ‘Mayo Jaga’. And for bacon combined with just about anything on a pizza, you should go to Brazil!

You can find some very exotic toppings on Australian pizzas like crocodile and kangaroo meat, barbecue sauce, bocconcini, pineapple, shrimp, salmon, tiger prawns, emu, and dill! Wood-fired pizzas where pizzas are baked in a ceramic oven fuelled by wood are preferred by most.

There is a fairly good demand for sea food as a topping even though it is not very popular. In Japan, you could find toppings of squid and eel on your pizza. And in Russia, herrings, tuna, sardines, mackerel, and salmon are much sought after. In the USA, although pepperoni is the most common topping, there are also takers for Cajun shrimp.

Sunny side up eggs as toppings on pizza may be purely a Russian creation! Both non-vegetarian pizzas, as well as vegetarian pizzas, are much in demand in India. You will find ‘panneer’, a type of cottage cheese, as a topping on most Indian pizzas at a pizza place in Bend. In India, a pizza liberally topped with just olives, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, onions, mushrooms and ‘paneer’ can be very filling.

In some parts of the world, people like to top their pizzas with minced meat like lamb, beef, or bacon. Sausages too are a huge favorite in the United States of America just slightly less popular than pepperoni.

Brazilians take their pizza making skills quite seriously, especially about the toppings. Their pizzas are generally made with very small quantities of tomato sauce. Don’t be surprised if you find ice cream, strawberries, and whipped cream, cooked apples, guava paste, bananas, and plantains, on top of your pizza! Along with the regular bacon, olives, ham, oregano, and tomatoes, you might even find curried chicken in coconut milk, grilled sausages, potato sticks or mashed potatoes on your pizza.